What can Piper do

Piper has 2 modes of operation: headless mode and display mode.  Headless mode means you do not hook up a display, keyboard, or mouse to Piper. Display mode means that a display, keyboard, and mouse are hooked up.  In display mode, you can use the Piper application.  You can see screenshots of the application here: Piper Application Screenshots

What features does Piper support in each mode?

Headless Mode

  • Print regular unencrypted keypairs
  • Print duplicate and triplicate copies of wallets
  • Print BIP0038 encrypted keypairs with randomly generated passwords (must be turned on in Settings in display mode)
  • Back up your keys printed in "Remember mode" to a flash drive
  • Print paper wallets for alt coins like Litecoin and Dogecoin (alt-coin must be selected in Settings in display mode)

Display Mode

  • Print BIP0038 encrypted keypairs with a manually entered password
  • Print bulk wallets
  • Print unlimited copies of wallets
  • Generate vanity addresses and set the address prefix that Piper will use when generating your keys
  • Split your keys (or any secret) up into n-of-m shares using Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme
  • Add new alt-coins that are not already present on Piper
  • Use Armory or Electrum as a cold wallet
  • Create paper wallets using the local copy of bitaddress.org
  • Print miscellaneous text or encode and print as a QR code
  • Choose to print traditional addresses or BIP32 addresses
  • Print anything using your own USB printer

Want to learn more?  Check out more info on Piper: